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What I've been doing

For half a decade, I helped rescue, fund, and foster Thailand's vulnerable street dogs. Together with a team of incredible women, we ensured that these dogs received crucial medical attention, were responsibly spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and ultimately placed with loving families. Although I no longer live in Thailand, I remain actively involved in the rescue of homeless and abandoned animals, and equally committed to educating and empowering people to become responsible pet owners. 


         Current certifications: 


  → NAVC VetFolio Pet Therapeutic Nutrition Coach certification

  → Duke University’s Dog Emotion and Cognition certification 

  → Red Cross Pet First Aid and CPR certified 

  → NPTEL's Wildlife Tracking and Monitoring certification 


I write B2B and B2C website content, long and short-form blog posts, and white papers for the pet industry, including pet insurance companies, websites, veterinarian blogs, and pet-related businesses.


         My work has been published in:

  → PetMD

  → Petco

  → BeChewy

  → ManyPets

  → Cat Fancy (print)

  → Animal Wellness (print)

  → This Dog’s Life

  → The Honest Kitchen

  → DailyTails

  → Cola’s Kitchen

  → …and more

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